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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is lead time to manufacture cabinets? 

A: 3-4 weeks 

Q: Does Hilton Cabinets field measure before production? 

A: Hilton Cabinets will field measure every unit before production has begun to ensure that when products arrive at the jobsite ready to be installed, the process is streamlined and efficient. 

Q: I do not see what I am looking for our your website, can you offer different products? 

A: The Hilton website is just a small sampling of what we can offer. We have access to virtually limitless colors and designs and a staff that can assist in manufacturing just about anything. 

Q: Does Hilton Cabinets provide shop drawings? 

A: Yes, Hilton uses the latest cabinet design software (Cabinetware from Plaint Solutions) and will provide shop drawings early in the bidding process to minimize the ambiguity of exactly what is being provided in the proposal. If it is on the shop drawings, it is included in the bid. 

Q: How does Hilton ensure that the appliances will work in the units? 

A: We ask that our clients provide us with model numbers for appliances that are to be installed and our design team will ensure that appliances have the correct openings and will function properly.